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Dictation is about saving you time from tedious typing.  Network dictation uses your current computer network to send dictations to a member of staff for transcription, leaving you free to manage other more important tasks. Dictations can be created via a hand held recorder connected to your computer when in the surgery or via a mobile phone when on the move.

Use It On The Move

Use the dictation app on your smartphone to record and send directly to your staff by email for transcribing. Alternatively use a conventional recorder for later docking with your network system.


In the Office

Dictate using your computer with a directly or wirelessly connected handset. Record and edit your dictation before sending via your network for transcribing. Route the message to a particular transcriber or into the common pool.




Dictation files can be encrypted to ensure that information integrity and patient/client confidentiality is maintained. Backup copies of recordings sent for transcribing can optionally be created automatically.


Web Based Dictation


This is a feature that usually larger organisations use to record dictations via an internet web browser.


Why The Computer Shop?


The Computer Shop have been providing medical/dental and legal computer systems for over 25 years. Our support service includes both telephone and internet dial-in to remedy many issues immediately.
We configure our dictation systems to comply with the security levels needed by our professional clients.
We also provide known brand accessories such as foot pedals, headsets and recording controllers.


Further information

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us directly.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of our products and services.

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